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Custom corrugated box and display manufacturer

“The primary role of a corrugated box is to contain and protect the contents. Today it is also a dynamic marketing tool for the branding game.”

John Widera, Entrepreneur

Think Outside the Box…

Think Inside the Box…

The CalBox Group is viewed by many as magicians.
We have the courage to break convention by constantly creating and implementing both a fresh focus and exciting market-moving trends. As packaging becomes more important as an extention of the product within, we can pass on to customers our alluring ideas and cost savings.
CalBox Corrugated box and display manufacturer

The magic is about you, our customer.

Whatever your needs are, whatever you can imagine, when packaging matters, the CalBox Group will find the eye-catching solution.

We have the leadership, experience, & capabilities to meet evolving goals to sell your brand’s story.

CalBox Group

The future success of your business is what ultimately determines the degree of success of our business.

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As a Box Maker - We Provide Choices of:

Our Promise: The CalBox Group will consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations with value added manufacturing and J.I.T. Logistics.


We are part of a Better Solution.

Corrugated Boxes are being placed on display and on store shelves and must be attractive and pleasing to the consumer – as “silent salesmen”

CALBOX I AND CALBOX II stand out and make an impact with Exceptional Customer Service.

Why? If we don’t support our customers, somebody else will!

We always give all our customers: Attention, Respect, and Time (ART). Because of our continuous improvement, we offer our customers a myriad of benefits that are really hard to match.

CalBox Corrugated box and display manufacturer
Speciality Wine Packaging Design Die-Cut – Litho Laminated – and Fun

In California, we are strictly “RESALE” manufacturers selling to distributors, packaging contractors, job-bers, box plants, sheet plants and other industries. 50% of all orders accepted are delivered within 48 hours. Contact our sister manufacturing facilities in Southern California, Arizona and Texas.

CalBox Corrugated box and display manufacturer

CalBox Group

We are part of a Better Solution.

CalBox Group