What do Customers means to us ?

Customer Care is the cornerstone of our business.
Because if we don’t take care of our customers – somebody else will.

Our Promises to Customers -

We will consistently meet and exceed our customers’ care expectations with the reliable products and services we provide.

It's About Mutual Advantage Relationships

The Customer is always the most important person in the box-making business –

The Customer is not dependent upon us – We are dependent upon the customer

The Customer is not an interruption of our ever changing business –

The Customer is not an outsider to our business – he is part of our team

The Customer is not a cold statistic. He or she is a flesh-and-blood human being with feelings, emotions, biases, and prejudices – like ourselves.

The Customer is not someone with whom to argue or match wits. No one ever “wins” an argument with a customer. Just because you may have silenced someone, it is no assurance you have convinced them you are right

The Customer is an entity that brings us their wants.

The Customer, by patronizing us, by working together, makes it possible to provide steady jobs and regular incomes.

The Customer gives our company the opportunity to stay in business – to meet our
obligations, accumulate earnings and thereby to continue to thrive competitively
and serve our customers advantageously.

CalBox Group

The future success of your business is what ultimately determines the degree of success of our business.

California Box understands that some customers have challenging requirements. Riding this concern, our team takes on the full responsibility of caring for every jobs’ needs, pre-press through delivery. We strive to boost employee involvement and performance. ISO 9001 quality certification streamlines our processes, reduces waste and improves reliability for customers, production and logistics.

It’s all about profitable relationships, it’s not all about price.

Possessing a trusted connection, such as reputation, is the first step to purchasing. Therefore, we pay close attention to our proven value propositions of corrugated packaging and JIT logistics by fostering ethical relationships with “Value First,” not later.

ISO 9001 certification is all about quality standards measured by customer’s satisfaction. Through bench marking, we measure CalBox Group against our competitors. Cal Box employees with standards in place take ownership of the challenge. It’s about reliable verification and training to remove restraints and add value. The Challenge: Markets are more segmented with more choices and are more value-add-orienteded – making sales less commodity-driven

Computers have become the ‘paper’ of the modern world. Their content and real-time adjustments are key. So with our Customer Care Portal, you can log-in any time for your current order status, etc. 

We have always encouraged a spirit of partnership and collaboration as part of an open-door policy to connect to suppliers and customers. Using best practices, we want the most difficult jobs in our niche, because there is less competition and allows us to attest that CalBox has the highest performance standards.

CalBox Corrugated box and display manufacturer

CalBox Group

We are part of a Better Solution.

CalBox Group

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