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Logistic Strategies - Essential to your Supply Chain

We rely on computerized Receiving, Lean Warehousing as a transfer point and Just-in-Time Delivery Schedules with Digital Signage to quickly verify acceptance. CalBox utilizes our own modern fleet of trucks and motivated drivers. Courier trucks speed up our delivery of free box samples and small hot orders.

Versatile, mobile logistics accelerates time to market. “The popular belief is in the 80/20 Rule, where 20% of orders make up 80% of on-time shipments. Well, we believe in the 100% On-Time Rule. Nobody likes to wait,” says Chris Morales, one of our shipping managers. 

“The problem is, most busy buyers think they still have time.”
CalBox Logistic Strategies

Logistic Data Equals Insight

After placing the “HOT” order, you can track your order from production to shipping to receiving. Our software tracking programs, such as GPS, are invaluable, as they’ll automatically let you know if something has been delayed and exactly where and when the problem occurred. This monitoring is particularly helpful if you have a lot of different deliveries spread out over huge geographic locations or need delivery at a specific time.

Tracking and Schedules Insure Fast Order Turnaround

This level of Traceability is also important because you’ll have access to proof of delivery. Beyond that, you’ll also have historical data to draw from to track the ongoing success of performance over time, allowing you to see what is working and, more importantly, what isn’t. That’ll put you in a great position to double down on the core J.I.T. values.

Our scheduling supervisor coordinates and confirms the time of production and expected shipping dates, quantities, and even raw and finished goods inventories. All inventory is bar coded, allowing each order to be tracked by computer, cameras, and AI, allowing real-time monitoring throughout the entire manufacturing process. Customers can view their monthly usage reports and delivery status to forecast repeat orders via our Customer Care Portal. For achieving real-time reliability of start/stop data, our latest software and experience is crucial for the right decisions.
CalBox Logistic Strategies

Propel your logistics in Accountability

CalBox Group rates vendors and, in turn, we are rated by our customers on delivery performance each month. This is a ratio of the number of schedules completed and delivered on time to the total number of schedules required:

On Time Delivery Performance % = 

Number of complete schedules on time

Number of schedule on order x 100

Importance of Stacking Strength of Boxes in Warehousing

CalBox Logistic Strategies

As e-commerce, sales with inventories, and warehousing have proliferated, stacking strength has become a more important factor than burst strength. A drive along any commercial corridor shows why. Major retailers, grocery chains, Amazon, and industrial suppliers that serve them, rely on central distribution warehouses for efficient inventory and delivery of goods. These costly warehouses make the most efficient use of space through vertical stacking and automation, so stacking strength is an increasingly important distribution performance requirement. This also adds to sustainability as there are less rejects and waste. Cost is also a big short term driver.

As box manufacturers we produce better performance packaging that conforms to alternate Rule 41/Item 222 without “over-packaging”. How? Our ECT board converted over “no crush” vacuum transfers in our corrugator and printing presses, creates consistent top-to-bottom box compression for maximum stacking strength. It exceeds the required bursting test of the sheet converted into a box. Therefore, it is ideal for protection, shipping and warehousing.

This improves the rigidity and quality of graphics of all our grades of ECT liners and boxes.

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