The renewable resource of paper lends itself as an environmentally sound choice.

Green Ecology
Impacts the
Global Economy.

California Box-the environmentally friendly Box manufacturer

Corrugated products are printed with water based inks, making them colorful billboards for brand identification.

California Box-the environmentally friendly Box manufacturer
Sustainability is a multifaceted issue.

It’s not just about recycled content or trees saved. It’s not just about what kind of inks or chemicals you use, or how you dispose of them. It’s not just about workplace safety or philanthropy. It’s not just about supply chain efficiencies of green initiatives.

It is ALL of these things ... and more.
Be a Green Designer – an environmental innovator
Contact your Sales Representative if you would like a copy of the Booklet written by John Widera, Chairman of CalBox Group, titled “Surviving the Environmental Impact of a Paper World”.

Wood Chip, old Corrugate and Water

Pulping & Paper Production

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Eco Design

Recoverable & Recyclable

Three of Our Substantiality Strategies

Indeed, we support the effort to decrease landfill waste by increasing recycling of paper-based packaging in our businesses and continually improving upon our existing voluntary recycling programs and practices.

Understand risks associated with corporate responsibility

Risks associated with pollution of air, water, and land can cost money. As a corporation, mitigation of risk is a critical factor for a cost effective operation. For us, sustainability impact is not a destination, but a journey with some risks.

Understand customer expectations

Waste reduction, usage of renewable resources, making products that sustain natural resources, and environment and reduction of Green House Gases are some of the common expectations. However, understanding their emphasis and comprehensive expectations make a difference in implementing them.

Design products to meet substantiality objectives and targets

Designers play a very critical role in identifying reduction of paper during product design. Ensuring bio-mass sources materials used in packaging are made from renewable carbon-neutral resources and recyclable materials.

Each of our plants have a water waste treatment system that takes effluent (dirty water) and brings it up to drinking water quality levels. Any material extracted from the effluent is treated to ensure it is non-hazardous and safe.
98% of the paper waste in all of our 5 plants is automatically collected then sold to recycle-paper mills to make new paper.
With our state-of-the-art efficient machinery it takes less sheet set-ups, due to less down time. Together this reduces waste.

We use only press-ready water based inks. Any left-over ink in inventory is recycled to be reused as new black ink for printing boxes.

That is why we, the CalBox Group, have dedicated ourselves to promote substantiality initiatives utilizing state-of-the-art, low energy machines and facilities. Our employees are trained to reduce waste and our best suppliers also recycle. We are all things Green and Lean.

California Box-the environmentally friendly Box manufacturer
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