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Corrugated POP and Counter Displays

What creative design and printing advantage are you looking for?

California Box has customized packaging solutions for litho label laminated, printed graphic boxes and creative point-of-purchase displays.

We have several computerized state of the art Automatan laminators at our Southern California facilities.  They laminate full sheets or spot mount the label onto rigid Elite board® that has no Hi-Low spots or warp.  The patented technology produces the strongest and flattest sheets which will provide you with better protection and self appeal.  Visit any of our facilities and see over $5 million of the following technology producing POP displays.  California Box is uniquely positioned to help increase the success of your business with new capabilities and service.

  • Cad-cam tables, digital printers and in house designers providing solutions.  Learn more here.
  • Litho Label coordinator to guide you thru every step of a litho laminated project and to insure the quality of the display or box.  Please contact us to set up a consultation or help you with an order
  • 80" x 120" Max Board size Litho Laminator max label size 82" x 65"
  • J&L specialty folder gluers to run Litho die cuts
  • 2-Bobst Flat die cutters with stripping jig and jumbo clamshell flat die cutter 65x 118 for jumbo displays
  • 5 color flexo press for direct print
  • ISO 9001/2008 quality certified
  • Laser cutting machine to produce die boards quickly and accurately to your standards
  • Modern facilities with experienced designers, CAD tabels, 2000 plus styles to chose from
  • assembly of your partitions, boxes and displays available 

Whatever your needs are, whatever you can imagine when packaging matters, CalBox will find the right display solution.

Our 5 pillars of success.

The first, we ensure package visibility because shelf or aisle visibility including size, is the strongest driver of purchases.

The second pillar is a consumer's immediate and intuitive connection with our designed package. Buying decisions are made in seconds at the shelf or display. Shoppers are driven by how they feel and what they see.

Third, is to avoid confusion. Consumers question whether the brand or product is the same.

Fourth is linking the design to the message. Our design and graphics will mesh well with the product.

Lastly, our package delivers perceived or real value. Often the lower priced brands are the primary competiters, so delivering value is important for your sales.