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Innovative Box Design, Equals Customer Satisfaction

Innovation is part of our company history and it will shape our future.

Striving for a better solution leads to customer satisfaction.  Cal Box is always looking to create the most dynamic displays and unique boxes through design, structure and graphics.  We can take a display project from initial concept through completion with our full service design and graphic teams.

Like to put your best foot forward? Boxes and displays from our design team can make an important sales difference by providing you with outstanding package and display ideas. Let Cal Box design team create your next award winning P-O-P.  Learn more here.

To insure dimensional stability, CalBox designers control the manufacturing of their own flat cutting dies.  This insures our on-going commitment to in-house quality and faster response to orders.  All dimensional influences are controlled, from design to materials, tooling to operations and converting technologies.

Our approach bundles together solutions that decrease package weight and materials, eliminate returns due to damage, and incorporate sustainable packaging practices.

The Calbox group offers near photographic print quality on our Oce large format 89" x 120 " digital printer. No film,printing plates, no steel rulke cutting dies.

Each of our facilities in Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County have in-house designers and engineers work with CAD-CAM tables, using the most up-to-date design software and style libraries.  Their technical expertise and creative visualization create a colorful package with a dynamic presentation.

Our staff has experience with virtually every kind of paper substrate, allowing them to design the exact customized solution. 

Our team of pros can create specialty designs, such as display-ready corrugated boxes with attractive and eye-popping printing for club stores.  

We design and manufacture custom corrugated shipping containers of all styles and sizes- glued, taped, or stitched.  Whatever your needs are, whatever you can imagine, when packaging matters, Cal Box can find the solution.  We have unlimited capabilities to answer every customer need. 

To learn more on how our specialty glued boxes can save your customer time and cut their costs by clicking here.

Learn how to design a green box here.




Custom Designs

  • Modular P-O-P
  • Counter Displays
  • Isle Displays
  • Folded Inserts
  • Removable Header
  • Product Boxed
  • Master Shipper
  • Litho-Laminated
  • Flexographic Color
  • Digital Print