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Die Cuts and Specialty Boxes

To Our Customers

The die cut box styles that run at high speeds on our specialty folder gluers located in Rancho Cucamonga and Santa Fe Springs will save your customer time and money when packing our boxes, trays or assembling displays.  One style of box is a four-corner tray, which is used in the beverage and garment industries.  The four-corner tray is similar to a DST with the advantage of the sides being automatically glued at any of our facilities.  No need for your end-user to glue or stitch them together.  Another style would be an auto bottom box, which is used in the electronics and food industries.  This style is similar to an RSC with one exception. There is no need to tape the bottom of the box once it arrives at your customer's facility.  It is ready to pack once it leaves our plant. Another example of adding value would be to convert long five panel folders into tubes.

These are just a few examples that will differentiate you from your com­petition, bring value to your customer, and cut costs.  Boxes with one-piece dividers or specialty glued counter displays are but a few designs that we can do better than anyone else in our market.  Why?  We have invested millions of dollars in this production process.  The added value should help you retain current business and secure new business.

California box has 2 Bobst flat die cutters with stripping jigs, 2 rotary die cutters, and 2 large format clam shell die cutters to manufacture any design.  Learn more about our designers here.

Our quality printed boxes use Elite board.  It comes from virgin liners, which will allow the box to fold better with no cracked scores, as well as giving the box 30 to 50% more strength where it is glued.  The extra quality will insure that our auto bottoms and trays will not require addi­tional taping and labor because the joined box should not come apart and meet or beat your customers’ expectations.