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Digital Print & Assembly

No Film, No Printing Plates, No Cutting Dies, High Resolution – Near Photographic, Quality Fast & Efficient

CalBox Group has ten designers working with five CAD systems. Our library includes over 1,500 box styles. With our know-how in file sharing and effectively running new designs on world class digital equipment, we can conceptualize a fresh approach that is attractive to the eye and structurally sound as well.

Change in your packaging is the price of progress.

CalBox Group

The future success of your business is what ultimately determines the degree of success of our business.

"To a child of ten, the box a toy comes in is more appealing than the toy itself."
Allen Klein, Record Label Executive
Creative Design Solutions

There are many steps in designing a box.

Have a great packaging idea? An innovative POP?

From your concept to initial design, both structural and graphic, through the approval process, to prepress, to production, to completion. Each step presents it’s own unique challenges.

CalBox Group has ten designers working with five CAD systems. Our library includes over 1,500 box styles. With our know-how in file sharing and effectively running new designs on world class digital equipment, we can conceptualize a fresh approach that is attractive to the eye and structurally sound as well.

Complete 3D graphic integration allows for quick prototyping, eliminating communication errors and reducing design review cycles. Here, implementing box or display mock-up emulation, not imitations, is the key to an appealing, winning design.

Our design teams are passionate about design.

They are well organized, knowledgeable, and inquisitive with the ability to be both flexible and steady at the same time.

Feel free to ask:

What is their experience? What are they like to work with? Will they be collaborative and add value to my project? Do they follow directions, ask applicable questions, push back when appropriate? Will they help move my marketing needs forward? Are they a good fit? Do they understand the real objective of my project? Do they have the ability to follow up the manufacture of the final design?

The primary step of any design solution is to determine exactly what your packaging needs are. Combining technology and design, CalBox Group in Tucson, Phoenix, El Paso and Southern California can create cutting-edge design solutions for today’s competitive marketplace.

Change in your packaging is the price of progress.

Connecting with Your Suppliers

What is purchasing first commandment?

Know thy supplier.

The second rule?

Think On Time with Quality, No Excuses.

Here, trust and speed pay off. After all, by connecting multiple tiers of businesses, we optimize productivity and mutual profitability. We do this the right way, with the right packaging product, at the right time with the right solution.

Suppliers to Our Business

Our Organization

Intermediary Customer

Key User

The value difference in a buyer’s perception.
Business is moving faster than ever before because the consumer expects more. In order to connect every aspect of the buy, make, sell, hold, and transport  functions, as a supplier we became streamlined. Unnecessary transactions are removed, mundane transactions are automated.

CalBox is a certified quality supplier. Based on performance data, accurate figures on shipments and reliability, customers are fast-tracking our shipments by sending them to their production lines without the need for further inspections.

At CalBox Group, supply-chain management is essential to achieve cost reduction with collaboration and efficiencies of time and scale in procurement.

At The CalBox Group, we are lean, fluid and move fast in order to stay connected. Once the chain is formed  it will be difficult to break.

Our goal is to optimize turn-around time, competitive pricing, and overall ease of connecting with the value supply chain from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer.
We cordially invite you to meet with CalBox Group and let us help design the packaging solution to your next project.

How to get started? We need details, such as:

Samples need to be customer approved before production
We do not change for most samples, we do, however, expect an order upon production approval.

CalBox Group

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California Box-the environmentally friendly Box manufacturer

The Brown Box Goes Green

The very nature of corrugate lends itself as an environmentally sound choice. Corrugated boxes have one of the best recovery and recycling records of any packaging material on earth. Over 70% of all manufactured corrugated is being recovered for reuse.

The substrates have been designed to have a minimum impact on the planets natural ecological system.

The recycled fluted biodegradable structure makes boxes lightweight, reducing shipping costs.

The rigid construction protects the product. And it can be designed to use for display and retail shelf ready.

Corrugated products are printed with water based inks, making them colorful billboards for brand identification.

CalBox Corrugated box and display manufacturer

CalBox Group

We are part of a Better Solution.

CalBox Group