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Our Modern Corrugator Plants and Advantages of our Containerboard

CB Sheets is an Industry Leader in Midsize Orders of Corrugated Sheet Manufacturing




Our Mullen virgin inside and outside liners provide more box strength, less warp and a better printing surface.  When we use balanced liners with our better flute profile - we are unmatched by any other sheet manufacturer in our niche market.  Our flat sheets can be supplied in plain Kraft, coated or white top liners made from recycled or virgin paper purchased from our global supply chain.  Linerboard test results meet or exceed those with competitive products.  The physical characteristics of our superior board grade and corrugator efficiency have improved the sheet basis weight, smoothness, consistent moisture profile, caliper control, porosity and resulting printability. 

CB Sheets enables box manufacturers to produce better performance packaging that conforms to alternate Rule 41/Item 222 without "over-packaging': We have improved the rigidity and Quality of all our grades of ECT. Our technology makes for a stronger sheet.  Thus, we can use lighter liners to reduce paper and shipping costs. Our ECT is recycled. The benefits of green helps your operation meet sustainability goals.

ECT Sheets - creating consistent top-to-bottom box compression for maximum stacking strength.  CB Sheets also utilizes kraft fibers that maintain the exact form and weight of the facings (liners) to create Mullen Board. It exceeds the required bursting test of the sheet.  Therefore, it is ideal for shipping.

Our sustainability initiatives (read our recycle pamphlet) puts CB I and CB II in a position to grow, share and develop with customers successful new products.  We practice: reduce, reuse, and recycle.


More Advantages of CBC 98" Corrugator

  1. With our state-of-the-art, 98" computerized BHS corrugator, CB Sheets offers consistent quality corrugated sheets for every order we run. 
  2. With our state-of-the-art corrugator, orders have little warp, no wash boarding, and no cracked scores. We use also the best containerboard (paper) available.  Cal Box Co. has a totally new computerized corrugator, installed in S. California by an independent box converter.  Our corrugator does not stop and create waste when doing an order change.  Its maximum speed is 1,000 feet per minute.
  3. A major point of difference with paper grades is the varying quality level of paper substrates.  As more value is added to the sheet, either by the papermaker corrugator or converter, the base paper still plays a critical role in the final product.  Indeed, the opportunity for the roll stock supply chain to add value and increase margins also becomes an advantage.
  4. The increased consolidation and fewer paper mills will not affect CB Sheets.  In terms of paper supply, most of the paper segments are still highly fragmented.  For example, our special corrugator allows us to streamline and participate in the global supply chain (which we have already done for 10 years in California).  Our 2 Arizona plants do not have to rely on the high cost of logistics (delivery) of bringing in sheets from El Paso or Los Angeles (400 miles away), as they have their own new 98" corrugator.
  5. When there is the West Coast produce season, it is difficult to receive corrugated sheets from integrated corrugators.  With our own corrugator, CB Sheets has advantages of consistent supply. (Any warehousing by our competitors over time is expensive and increases warp and less integrity (stacking strength) of the box)
  6. CB Sheets will not sell our quality sheets to our competitors, but we will farm out orders for them.  We also will not compete in mill runs, whenever possible.  Why?  We do not sell commodities by the ton or market share.  We sell on value!  Our well earned reputation for being on time with quality,  is extremely important to us.
  7. Almost all of our containerboard is recycled; even the waste from our facilities is recycled.  For special orders (virgin) Kraft (30% recycled) is available (Mullen grade).  For a quality box, the conditions of the corrugator and raw material are critical for a flat sheet of corrugated.
  8. Most of our competitors have around 50% "old" machinery.  Like a used car (with new parts and paint), it looks great, but what's under the hood is what really that counts.
  9. Our 98" corrugator can run a liner instead of using a weak medium.  No other independent corrugator in our market has the technology to run 3 liners for single wall.  In other words, we can increase the strength of the medium (and box) by running balanced liners such as 35-35-35.  It can also prevent upgrading to higher, more costly liners, if it becomes necessary.
  10. Liners and medium combined on various older corrugators in So. California have widely different board strength (ECT) performances.  Consider different corrugating technology and age of the corrugators in our market, a variation of forty (40) percent is not surprising. (per R. Young, AICC expert)
  11. Our companies do not need stock sheet inventory (in California and Arizona), as we produce and ship within 1 hour, our own custom sheets from our 400 foot computerized corrugator.


Width 98 inches
Rated Maximum Speed 1000 feet per minute
Single facers type Non Pressure Roll
Flutes: Singlewall E, B, C
Flutes: C, B, E, CB, CE, BE
Trim System Razor Cut
Scoring Profiles M-M M-F
Number out 6 12 scores
Minimum/Maximum Slit Width 8" 97 1/2"
Minimum/Maximum Cut Length 19 5/8" 216
Minimum/Maximum Roll Width 43" 98"
Minimum/Maximum Roll Diameter 20" 60"
Banding Poly
Stretchwrap No (only on finished goods)
Minimum Order (Standard Grades) 12" or 100 lineal feet
Flute BC C B E
A 12" Stack is: 50 75 100 200

  Our philosophy is to run our corrugaters like a paper machine, with continous running at high speeds. We have so many order changes, we shouldn't slow down. That creates less waste, plus you have better quality.

  CB Sheets and Arizona Corrugated order change concept on their modern corrugators is totally different from any of our competitors.

  To set-up of a new order in the old system, the operator has to create a gap after the heating section, accelerate the previous order and facilitate the next one. In this gap, the operator changes the slitter-scores.

  Now, with our "Swing Change" there is no acceleration of the previous order. It is all the same speed with no heating changes that could create warp or delamination of the corrugated sheet.