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Who We Are

MISSION STATEMENT: Consistently On Time with Quality, Integrity and Customer Satisfaction ... "No excuses"

Packaging doesn't have to be brown.

A world of colors and applications are available to add visual impact and emotional appeal.

CBC's use of high grade paper allows customers the opportunity to create unique, visually appealing boxes and displays of almost any style and size.  Combining our 98”corrugator with quality paper creates about a 15% increase in Mullen or ECT over any of our competitor’s performance.  Let us prove it!

ADVANTAGES - Value Propositions

With over 30 yeaars of box-making experience, our entrepreneurial box companies are more flexible, faster, has less debt, and respond to our customers needs better then our competition. We have been manufacturing boxes since the early 1980's and have two manufacturing plants in Southern California with a corrugator, 2 manufacturing plants in Arizona with a corrugator and 2 manufacturing plants in Texas.

Our automated machines and latest software offer dozens of options giving our estimators the versatility to create the most competitive pricing for our customers quickly and accurately.  Our machines also provide a contingency plan to ensure no late deliveries. Learn more.

Cal Box delivers from Ventura,Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside to San Diego with our own fleet of trucks and drivers (for better control).  We operate a modern, unmarked, and reliable fleet of trucks, which are professionally maintained.  Our drivers provide customers with professional, courteous service when making deliveries.  Less logistic problems.  Our courier trucks can deliver free samples and hot orders.

J.I.T. programs are available.  We are reliable and will work with you on your Just-In-Time needs.  We encourage our customers to visit often, as we are always implementing new strategies and technologies to meet the ever changing requirements of our marketplace.  We use the global paper supply chain and always pay-on-time.  100% recycling of waste paper and water.  We practice the 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We have a Litho Label Coordinator to help you through every step of litho laminated boxes,  counter displays,  floor displays,  or movie display stands. Learn more.


Cal Box has the necessary desire and experience in service and production to handle the special needs of its customers.  We quickly turn around quotes and orders via phone, fax, e-mail or in person.  Our in-house designers use the most advanced CAD-CAM systems.  Totally computerized plant to office, state of the art scheduling software.  Computerized floor reporting tracks the status of your orders—instantly—through every phase of the manufacturing process.  We bar code inventory, providing our customers with monthly usage reports and delivery status.  Indeed, with all these values, we sell solutions. We offer assembly of partitions, boxes and displays. 

Our Mission: Consistently on time with quality- no excuses

Spotlight on Cal Box Group

California Box understands that their customers often have difficult requirements with their marketing slogan:
"On time- with quality- No Excuses”
California Box has taken on the full responsibility of caring for every job’s needs pre-press through delivery.  We strive to boost employee involvement and performance.  ISO 9001 certification will help streamline productivity, reduce waste and improve reliability for customers, production and logistics.

Chris Widera- president of Cal Box I and II, recently answered some of his associates and customers questions:

 Q. It seems that any job that can be done on a computer or over a phone is at risk.  Are we being naïve to believe that a good education or skill will give job security?

 A. Education does make our job safe, but education is continuous even on the job.  Computers are just the modern world’s paper, the content is key.  The work environment then becomes a atmosphere of positives: personal success and productivity.

Q. How does standardization benefit our customers?

A. ISO 9001-2008 is all about quality standards measured by customer’s satisfaction.  Through bench marking, we measure Cal Box Group against our competitors.  Customers wanted quotes and orders turned around faster, and at competitive prices.  Cal Box employees took ownership of the challenge and now we have standards in place to better quote and service our customers.  It’s about verification and training.  To provide the best print quality standards available and still insure the strength results our customers demand,  we responded by upgrading employees and equipment and by offering 100% virgin liners on 200 test boxes.  Customer’s satisfaction has been overwhelming.

Q. Have Cal Box Group management and employees implemented new QC procedures?

A. Yes.  By using ISO quality standards, we can track our current activities to identify which to improve or eliminate.  Then we can design new processes, upgrade and train staff and monitor the results. We are fortunate that our sister company, Tucson Container (that is ISO 9001:2008 certified) can help guide our continuous quality progress.

Q. How do you grow a company with commodity products?

A. Our plain boxes have little value-added.  Everybody can run a box. Our added value is how we run the business. It must be a little bit better and a bit more efficient than our competition.

Q. What’s your company’s management secret equation that keeps it focused on improvement?

A. We have always encouraged an open-door policy with our employees and customers in the industry.  Much of what we have learned is from extracting the best practices and applying them to our own.  One example is our dedication to ISO 9001:2008  quality certification.  In addition we want to run the most difficult jobs in our niche, because there is less competition and allows us to show everyone we are the best.