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Why Calbox?

Producing solutions not bricks - A lesson learned.

There is a story of two men sitting by the side of a dirt road, forming mud and straw into square piles.  Another man wanders down the path and asks the first man what he's doing.  "I'm making bricks," comes the reply.  He then asked the second brick-maker the same question, but this man replies, "I'm building a cathedral."

Note that while both men were performing the same task, they had different visions of where their work would lead.  Both knew how to make the same "product" but only one understood its true potential.

It's all a matter of perspective.  If you're out there and all you think you're doing is helping your customers make bricks, it's not so much the technology or machinery available, but what they can do with it; what the end result will be.

Our goal is not only to build bricks for our customers and their potential, but to help them build cathedrals with solutions comprised of our quality products, creative ideas and quick service.  Learn more about our solutions and services here.

Corporate Culture

Protecting and enhancing our reputation for honesty, integrity, and expertise is critical to our continued sucess.  We encourage an atmosphere of opportunity - through continuing training and education - to upgrade skills and capabilities.  All of our associates and suppliers should continually look for better, more efficient ways to do their work.  Our motto: "If there is a better way - find it!"

We expect enthusiasm at all levels.  We strive to be special, to be innovative, and to create an exciting place to work.  Setting goal directed behavior for our employees insures progress and the implementation of our philosophy.

The Cal Box Co. family consists of these people:

Our Customers

  • Customers are the lifeblood of our company, and within the bounds of prudent management, all available resources should be used to insure their satisfaction.  Learn more about our value propositions here.
  • Our corrugated paper boxes must be of the highest quality.  The custom products we represent must meet standards consistent with our reputation of on time delivery and include a reasonable profit.
  • The service and support we offer our customers must be unique in our industry.  The responsibility for customer service rests with everyone in the company. In other words, our own success is dependent upon putting our customers first.

Our Employees

  • People are a most important asset of the corporate family.  Their intelligence and ingenuity will be recognized and allowed to grow in a creative and challenging environment.
  • We are proud of our employees, their performance, and their attitude toward their job and their company.  They keep their promises.
  • California Box Group works as a team.   That means the whole team has to succeed for any single person to be successful.  We do not offer jobs here, we offer careers.  The success our employees achieve reflects the success of being customer focused.

Our suppliers

Good suppliers are as valuable as good employees and customers.  We treat them with respect and form a partnership bond with them.  Our policy is to buy materials and services as required, without prejudice, seeking to attain the maximum quality, service, and value for each dollar of purchase.


It’s all about relationships

Relationship building is a core value at Cal Box Co. and its sister companies.  It's been critical to all our companies’ strategically focused growth initiative.
"Relationships increase the growth of our manufacturing of corrugated box business by promoting the value of our products and services," says Chris Widera, President of the CB Group of California.  "For us, that means continuing to expand the range of our many solutions in our niche."

Chris continues, "We don't do transactions, we focus on mutual rewarding relationships. When our customers make more money, we do too.  Simply quoting commodities leaves us hollow.  We want to be closer to the customer than that"

Cal Box Co and its corporate family nurture these relationships through their dozen plus sales service associates.  "We place an emphasis on prompt communication with customers, suppliers and employees to quickly address any problems or special requirements.  It is a way of life to us”.  "When they call or visit, we want our friends to know we are here to help them meet and beat the purchase order obligations."

CB Group: Quality Goals

  • Define quality in terms of customer and their requirements.  California Box is IS0 9001:2008 certified.
  • Pursue quality at the source using corrective action.
  • Emphasize prevention rather than detection of defects.
  • Strive for zero defects by evaluating every process and person.
  • Establish continuous improvements as a way of life to reduce cost.
  • Make Quality solutions (and safety) everyone’s responsibility.